CHAOS #501 in progress

CHAOS #1–#501 is a collection of 501 unique digital sculptures, released as individual NFTs.

CHAOS #1–#500 consists of two converging objects in motion. Each pair is made of two distinct objects that stay in continuous connection. The two objects are relative in scale to one another. Each object is unique.

The individual objects selected are engineered, cultured or manufactured by humans and sourced from the physical world and transformed into a 3D digital model through 3D scanning.

CHAOS #501 is the cumulation of all of the individual objects from CHAOS #1–#500. In #501 all 1,000 objects from #1–#500 come together decoupled from their original pair and move independently from each other.

A visualization can manifest in any format that is capable of displaying, playing or showing a digital sculpture in motion. They will exist in any space be it virtual, real, or a fusion of the two, now and forever, through current and future technology.

Each NFT is composed of a reference rendering, the data to construct the work in any digital space and a set of instructions.