CHAOS ENTROPY is an evolution of the CHAOS project. It allows for new creations to be made from the existing digital artworks that make up CHAOS #1–#500. Any collector who owns two or more CHAOS artworks can participate by selecting a minimum of two artworks from their collection to merge into a new digital artwork. The process is simple. Individual NFTs are submitted via this website to generate a new CHAOS ENTROPY artwork that replaces the original CHAOS NFTs used in the process. The two objects in each CHAOS NFT will be released from their pairing and move independently, as in CHAOS #501. These new works are sequentially numbered, starting with #502, the first available after #501 and minted on the blockchain. The submitted NFT artworks cease to exist (i.e. are “burned” -transferred to an inaccessible Ethereum address). In their place, the collector will receive a new NFT artwork, a 16:9 format digital sculpture, within seven days of initiating the merge. A placeholder token is generated and appears in the collector’s wallet. This will be replaced by the final CHAOS ENTROPY artwork. A merged NFT may be merged again with additional individual CHAOS artworks or a CHAOS ENTROPY artwork. The ability to participate will be open for one year from the opening date of the project. Additional renderings may be requested after creating the initial merge – custom-made to the specifications of the collector. Contact the studio at to discuss possibilities and pricing. CHAOS ENTROPY white paper


2–5 tokens$5000

6–15 tokens$5500

16–30 tokens$6000

31–50 tokens$6500

51–75 tokens$7000

76–100 tokens$7500

Add $500 for each additional 15 NFTs


To continue you will need to have a digital wallet installed.

Install MetaMask or another personal wallet to continue sign in by wallet.